Transfer Credit Approval Procedure

The Department of History accepts a maximum of four courses taken elsewhere toward the Major. No transfer courses can be applied toward the Minor in History.

For courses to be taken in the United States, fill out the "University of Virginia Undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences Request for Transfer of Credit" form available in Monroe Hall.

For courses to be taken abroad, fill out the "Study Abroad Transfer of Credit Equivalency Form," once it has been duly signed by the the International Studies Office in Minor Hall.

Provide as much information about the course(s) as you can. This information can come from a catalogue description or a syllabus. We also need to know how many credits each course is awarded at the host institution, and how many hours you will be in classroom.

Provide a copy of your “Course History,” available in your SIS Student Center, on the “other academic” drop box on the left of the screen.

Students interested in applying transfer courses toward the History major should contact the current Director of Undergraduate Studies.

You will be notified if there is a problem, either at the departmental or Dean's level.