Transnational & Diplomatic History

Historians at the University of Virginia working in transnational and diplomatic history examine subjects that cross borders and transcend a purely national historical context. For example, some of us study imperialism and colonization, economic and financial arrangements among states and non-state actors, diplomacy and statecraft, comparative ideologies, human rights, the cultural dimensions of international relations, war and its impact upon society, migration and refugees, genocide, epidemics and public health, cross-border movements of ideas, goods, and people, and the place of non-governmental organizations in the modern world.

Our Ph.D. students in these fields normally develop competence in at least three historiographical areas, such as modern U.S., Latin American, Middle Eastern, East Asian, and European history.  Their work is supplemented by readings in such international fields as the Cold War, war and society in the 20th century, human rights in the modern age, capitalism, comparative empires, the United States in the world, and globalization in history. The possibilities for combining national and international fields are almost limitless.

The study of transnational and diplomatic history at the University of Virginia is conducted in coordination with such active research centers as the Center for Global Inquiry and Innovation, the Miller Center (which offers pre-doctoral fellowships for the study of modern politics and foreign affairs), the Center for Global Health, the Center for Russian and East European Studies, the Center for South Asian Studies, the East Asia Center, the Middle East Studies Program, and the German Studies Center, among others.


Professor of History, William R Kenan, Jr Professor in American Studies
233 Nau Hall
Office Hours: By appointment in 120 Wilson Hall
Themes: Cultural and Social History, Empire & Colonialism, Transnational and Diplomatic History
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Assistant Professor, General Faculty
Nau Hall 254
Office Hours: W 12:30pm-2:30pm by Zoom, or by appointment
Themes: Race & Ethnicity, Spatial History, Frontiers, & Migration, Transnational and Diplomatic History
Professor, Associate Dean for the Social Sciences
483 Nau Hall
Office Hours: Wednesday, 1-2pm in person or Zoom; Thursday, 12-1pm by appointment
Themes: Empire & Colonialism, Environmental History, Intellectual History & History of Ideas, Race & Ethnicity, Science, Medicine, & Technology, Transnational and Diplomatic History
David Dean 21st Century Professor of Asian Studies & Professor of History
Nau 438
Office Hours: On Leave
Themes: Political History, Race & Ethnicity, Spatial History, Frontiers, & Migration, Transnational and Diplomatic History
James Madison Professor of History, Director, Governing America in a Global Era (GAGE)
Nau 285
Office Hours: Mondays, 11:00am-12:00pm; Tuesdays 2:00-3:30pm
Themes: Empire & Colonialism, Genocide & Violence, Military & War History, Transnational and Diplomatic History
Julian Bishko Professor of History, Professor of Law
Nau 454
Office Hours: Fall 2022: Tues 3:30-5:00; Weds 11:00-12:00
Themes: Empire & Colonialism, Legal History, Material Culture, Transnational and Diplomatic History
Associate Professor, Indian Ocean History, Rouhollah Ramazani Associate Professor of Arabian Peninsula and Gulf Studies
Nau 253
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 11:30-12:30
Themes: Economic History & History of Capitalism, Empire & Colonialism, Legal History, Spatial History, Frontiers, & Migration, Transnational and Diplomatic History
Associate Professor of German and History, Director, European Studies Program, Director, Center for German Studies
Office Hours: On Leave
Themes: Cultural and Social History, Environmental History, Genocide & Violence, Intellectual History & History of Ideas, Jewish History, Political History, Race & Ethnicity, Transnational and Diplomatic History

Graduate Student